Where To Find Inspiration For Social Media Content

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Incorporating social media into your marketing strategy is one of the best things you can do for your small business nowadays. It is, in fact, an essential part of promoting and marketing your business online, aside from having a responsive website, of course.

In order to have a great social media presence, you must always engage your followers and post consistently. However, it can be difficult to know what to say that will make an impact when you are posting on Facebook at least once per day and on Twitter several times per day.

It’s therefore important to continually find fresh content that matters to your audience most. To help you get started, here are some ways to find inspiration for social media content.

1. Search for quotable quotes

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While they may be relatively short on text, quotes can pack a very powerful punch and help get your message across quickly.

Depending on your niche, you can either use humorous quotes, inspirational ones, or even dramatic lines as long as it fits your brand.

In most cases, great quotes are more likely to be retweeted on Twitter, so your effort of finding relevant and interesting quotes can highly boost your shares and increase your brand’s exposure.

2. Join Quora

Quora opens the floodgates of ideas and questions which you can address to your own followers on social media. It would be great, therefore, if you can look through the most common questions there and the recent additions of reviews and blogs.

Be sure to ask your questions on Quora directly and link back to your established audience on Twitter and Facebook. It’s quite easy to create a free profile, which follows topics of interest to your industry and your audience that will ultimately inspire and jog your creativity.

Additionally, search for interviews and podcasts in your field and other related markets to get new ideas that will be interesting and relevant to your followers.

3. Post interactive content

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When it comes to interactive content, sharable events, pictures, and videos will do well with your audience.

Even contests will work, too, whether it’s a daily quiz or a photography contest, as they engage your audience and increase traffic to your blogs and social media channels.

4. Refer to pop culture

When sharing content, be sure to stay relevant based on a recent event, popular song, or celebrity. This can help create establish a common topic with your audience.

Incorporating some humor is also one of the easiest ways to infuse some personality into your social media channels, and it does generate more shares.

Try to mention an important sporting event, TV show, or even something dominating the current news.

However, always consider the sensitivity of the topics (headlines) and try to avoid controversial ones like politics and religion as much as possible unless you are ready and willing to handle the potential backlash.

5. Browse Reddit

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With a large user base that generates a huge amount of popular content, Reddit is also one of the best places to find inspiration for social media content.

Check out its tremendous library of hilarious memes, sobering stories, and current video games, among many others. You can also review the latest new posts, controversial comments, and trending topics.

Seeing and reviewing the conversation on every post provides you with more ideas on what angle to take and what to share when it comes to your social media channels.

A strategically planned content calendar to post on your own social channels doesn’t have to be boring and repetitive. With these great sources of inspiration for social media content, you will be able to share interesting and consistent content regularly, not only on your responsive website, but on social platforms, too.

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Originally published at www.bookmark.com on September 8, 2016.

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