What’s New at Bookmark: March 2022 Recap

Hello Bookmark users! We’re back with another monthly recap.

Check Out Our New Preview Options

Having a website that’s responsive on mobile devices is extremely important. Recent statistics show that most people browse the internet on their mobile devices, so it’s no question that your website needs to be optimized for mobile in 2022. Not only that, but a responsive mobile website can provide:

  • A more accessible website, as many individuals find using their phone to be more convenient than their laptop or desktop.
  • A boost in your SEO, as Google indexes the top searches based on the responsiveness of their mobile website .
  • More trustability for your visitors, as a unique and responsive mobile website asserts that you are a professional business.

And so much more! So, needless to say, having a responsive mobile website is a powerful way to improve the user experience for your website visitors and customers.

At Bookmark, we automatically optimize your websites to be responsive on mobile devices. However, we’re excited to let you know that we’ve added even more ways to preview your website on mobile devices. Now, you can see how your website looks on the most popular Apple, Samsung, and Windows mobile devices. With the option to preview your website using a tablet and phone, you can make sure your site is responsive and has the design you’re looking for.

Head on over to your website builder today to preview your website across the mobile devices of your choice.

We’ve Updated Our Help Guides

At Bookmark, we know how overwhelming building a website can be, which is why we created our Ai-powered technology to begin with (to simplify the process of building one). However, even with simple solutions like Bookmark, sometimes we can all use a little help and advice.

For years we have offered useful support and step-by-step guides on our Help Center to make sure everyone succeeds on our platform. But, like many things in life, Bookmark is always growing, adapting, and adding more ways to help professionals and small business owners alike grow their brands.

We are very happy and proud to let you know that we have added over 100+ new help videos on our YouTube channel , and all of these videos can also be found within our Help Center , alongside updated step-by-step guides!

The Bookmark squad has been working hard to create this content that can help you along every step of your online journey. Subscribe to our Youtube channel and be the first to access our latest content and help guides, and as always, our Help Center is here with all of the advice and resources you need to grow your business online.

Taking Website Designs to a Whole New Level

Yup, you heard that right. Chances are, you’ve already seen AiDA, your Artificial Intelligence Design Assistant, create and design a brand new unique website right in front of your eyes in minutes. However, offering this revolutionary technology still doesn’t stop us from going even further to make sure your website stands out amongst the rest.

You saw the updates we made to our layouts in the , and soon there’ll be lots of new functionality in the builder as well, such as:

  • Generating color palettes to match your brand
  • Having global styling elements, like global animations
  • Introducing an easier to use toolbar

And so much more! Stay tuned for new layouts, modules, and editing options that we have in store for you.

We listen closely to the valuable feedback of our users, and we are working hard to introduce new and improved features to make sure every Bookmark website is as polished, unique, and responsive as they can be.

As always, we would like to thank each and every one of you who uses our platform. Because of your support and feedback, we are able to continue building the tools and features that help businesses and brands reach the success that they deserve.

Stay tuned next month to find out about all of the new updates and integrations we’ve added to our platform. We’re always finding new ways to be the best website solution for you!

Originally published at https://www.bookmark.com on April 5, 2022.



Spend time running your business, not your website. Our Ai powered website builder can get your business online in a few minutes. Bookmark.com.

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Spend time running your business, not your website. Our Ai powered website builder can get your business online in a few minutes. Bookmark.com.