What is the SSL and Why You Need It in Your Online Business

What’s an SSL?

Also known as Secure Sockets Layer, SSL is a standard technology that a website builder uses especially in a commercial site. It establishes a well-encrypted connection between the web browser (client) and the web server (host).

This connection makes sure that each data/information passed between the two stays private. It secures the data sent between the server and the user’s computer in a way that can’t be tampered with.

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This data includes login details, payment information, and any other important personal information. It’s the backbone of your secure internet and it helps protect any sensitive personal information shared online.

SSL certificates are commonly used by many small business websites to protect their transactions with their clients online. For instance, if you have come across a website that uses https:// in its address bar, it means you are using a secure connection through SSL.

If you sell items through your website or have an e-shop, Secure Sockets Layer can help in establishing great trust with your customers.

Why is an SSL important?

1. SSL helps encrypt sensitive information

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The main reason why Secure Sockets Layer is used is to protect sensitive personal information sent across the internet. It encrypts this information in such a way that only the intended recipients can read and understand it.

This is very important because the information sent online is passed from one computer to another to get into the destination server. It means that any computer in between the server and you can easily see your usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, and even other vital information if it’s not well encrypted with the right SSL certificate.

When this certificate is used, your personal information becomes unreadable on other computers except for the intended server. This protects your information from identity thieves and hackers.

2. SSL protects you from phishing

A phishing email is sent by cyber criminals and hackers who try to impersonate your site. Usually, the email uses a man-in-the-middle attack so as to use your domain name or it includes a link(s) to their website.

Because it’s quite hard for these hackers to receive the right SSL certificate, it will be difficult to successfully impersonate your website if you have the SSL. This means that users are less likely to fall for such attack because they’ll be checking for the trust indicators showing in their web browsers and they would not see it as well.

3. SSL helps you gain the trust of your customers

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A genuine web browser gives visual cues, such as a green bar or a lock icon, to make sure users know when their internet connection is fully secured. This means that your visitors will trust your site more when they see such cues. This will also make them buy from you.

Secure Sockets Layer providers will give you a trust seal, which instills more trust in your clients/customers.

4. SSL provides authentication

Apart from encrypting your connection, the right SSL certificate can also provide authentication. You can therefore be sure that you are sending your information to the right recipient (server) and not to the server of a hacker.

This is important, especially for a small business, because when it comes to the internet, your clients will usually be sending crucial information via several computers.

With the increasing number of cyber crimes these days, any of these devices could pretend to be your site and possibly trick your customers into sending them their personal information. Getting a proper SSL certificate from a reliable provider and using the right Public Key Infrastructure is the only possible way to avoid this.

5. PCI Compliance

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It’s also necessary to know that you can only take credit card details on your site if you successfully pass certain audits like the PCI compliance that requires a valid SSL certificate. This is another reason why Secure Sockets Layer is very important for your online transactions.

If you are a small business owner, you need SSL providers to ensure that your clients’ sensitive information are protected. Make sure, however, that the provider is verified and accredited, because it means that it has gone through several different identity checks.

A website builder often verifies that SSL providers are following specific practices and guidelines to ensure a safe browsing experience for you and your clients. Get an SSL certificate for your small business website now.

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