Website Building Software, 5 Things You Need To Know

Several years ago, creating a website was one of the most difficult (and expensive) tasks that small business owners faced. This is why there were so few websites then, and they were not as appealing as the responsive websites you can find today.

However, things have changed fast, and creating a website now is a much simpler undertaking. This is attributed to the availability of various tools including website building software.

With the right software, you can bypass some of the technically complex tasks, and create a site within just a few minutes. The Bookmark Website Builder, for example, uses Artificial Intelligence to help you build beautiful and responsive websites in under an hour.

If you are thinking of creating a strong online presence, you may want to know the following about website builders.

  • There are many types available, and you will have to choose one that best suits your site. It can be challenging to choose the right website builder, so be prepared.
  • You don’t need technical skills to use the software.
  • There may be many stories of people who have been ripped off out there, but it does not mean that you will not find a reliable builder.
  • With the ever-changing technological applications, there will always be updates to software, or new additions altogether.
  • The type of website that you want to create will always determine the kind of software that you use.

With that in mind, let us now look at some of the most important features that you should consider when choosing a website building software. It is important to know that there always will be that unique feature that you need.

Just because someone else used a particular company does not mean that it will work for you too. You may be surprised to find out that what you really need is nothing close to what other webmasters are using.

The following are the most important factors to consider when looking for website building software.

1. How long has the website building software been around?

There are companies that have been offering such software for over a decade while others are less than a year old.

The reason you need to look at this is that over the years, website builders have gone through various major transformations.

A company that has been around for longer can convince you that their customers like their software. It also shows that they have understood the ever-changing needs of people who want websites and therefore, they are likely to give you a better offer.

They also are the undisputed pioneers of the code-free, drag and drop website building industry.

2. Find out how many customers use the site building software.

Again, you will notice that some builders have hundreds of thousands of subscribers while others only have a few users. There must be a good reason why so many people chose to use that platform.

It also tells you that these companies have invested millions of dollars and many years in building their software. With that track record, you would not expect to have any major problems when you subscribe to the company.

Also, a platform that has hundreds of thousands of websites on board will offer you better quality design and other features when compared to one that only manages a few. The trend is that people like to go where there are more customers.

The biggest companies are the ones that are recording, even more, sign-ups, because of the assurance that they accord their customers.

3. Are people searching for the builder on Google?

By using Google Trends, you can see if there are any people searching for the website design programs.

If a company enjoys a lot of searches, it is an indication that it is popular among users.

If the searches have been growing over recent times, it shows that the popularity of these companies has been growing. It also tells you something about the growth in the number of users.

If you want to join a company that receives lots of sign-ups, this is the perfect way to find out. Do not just follow and believe what they say in their advertisements and other marketing campaigns.

4. Take a look at the support team.

No matter how reliable a website builder is, there are times when you will need assistance from the support team. It is even more important if you have never used the software before because you are likely to need assistance in setting it up.

Looking at some of the leading companies in this industry, you will easily notice that they have multiple channels of communication. They have an email, users’ forum, and a phone number. There are also those that have direct chat features and can be found on all the leading social media websites.

Also, you should also find out how fast they respond to customer queries. You do not want to submit a support ticket and wait forever without getting feedback.

5. Does the company have a refund policy?

Although most of these companies have a free website building and hosting plans, you can choose to upgrade to a premium one if you need a better experience.

Premium plans allow you more flexibility including having a domain that does not include their extension.

Furthermore, features that are not available with free web pages for small businesses will be accessible to all premium users.

If you choose to upgrade your plan, you should look at their refund policy. There are some companies that will give you a certain period within which you can cancel your subscription and get a refund.

What you should be looking for is if they keep their word. If they will take you through a long process and ask for things that you cannot deliver before refunding, they are not the company that you need.

There are many other factors that you should keep in mind when looking for website building software. The most important thing is to find the one that is best for your business.

If you are thinking about the price plans, they vary based on the platform that you choose. However, if what you want is to build a professional and responsive website, you should look beyond the price. You do not want to pay less and end up with a site that does not meet your expectations.

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Originally published at on July 13, 2017.

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