Ten Tools to Ease the Pain of Working Remote

No matter how comforting and rewarding your full-time job may be, running your own remote business is in many ways a direct passport to freedom.

Working for yourself gives the opportunity to pick the number of hours that you intend to spend in your workplace without any restrictions. But to successfully work remotely, you have to make use of the right tools that will guide you towards achieving your goals and objectives with less or no hassle.

Thankfully, there exist a vast array of tools in the market today that you can utilize to run your business regardless of the location of your office.

These ten tools are essentials if your goal is to run a small business while working remotely.

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Basecamp is a web-based project management tool. It is professionally designed to allow you to remote-manage your business and communicate with your staff with ease. It allows you to know the exact person assigned to a particular task.

Now you can easily monitor the progress of every employee and ensure that every task is completed within the stipulated time. Basecamp offers great features such as file sharing, web-based text documents, messaging system, and time tracking.

Therefore, with Basecamp, you’ll be sure to remain in touch with your employees no matter the place that you are.


TSheets is an app for both desktop and mobile devices. It allows you to allocate time across various ongoing business projects and track your time working. It makes use of GPS tracking. Hence, it can display your location, and can clock in and out even while attending a business conference or when running business errands.

Furthermore, it has excellent features that allow you to send invoices to your clients regardless of their locations. Therefore, this is the best tool for you if you are working remotely since it is designed to help you communicate with your employees quickly and more efficiently.


Dropbox is a file hosting tool that allows you to create a special folder on your computers; then it synchronizes them so that they appear to be the same folder regardless of the device that you will use.

When you are working remotely, you will require a virtual location to store your business documents while allowing all your remote employees to access them whenever they need them.

Therefore, Dropbox is the solution. It uses a freemium business model where all your employees will be given free accounts having a set storage size. All the folders can be accessed via mobile applications or the Dropbox website.


Trello is a web page that contains lists that are laid out horizontally so as to give you a bird’s eye view of your business project. Trello will act as your default roadmap.

Whenever you have something that you intend to do, you will add it to a to-do list in Trello. All the items in the list are called cards. Cards can be dropped or dragged to other lists or reordered according to your priorities. Cards will help you ensure that you work towards meeting your set objectives since they contain deadline dates and discussion notes from any other employee who use the board.

Trello is a great tool for remote business, because if any employee in your small business is looking for a task to handle, he/she can just pick a card from the Trello board.


If you intend to run your small business successfully with remote workers, Boomerang is the right tool for you. Boomerang is a web-based tool that allows you to schedule all your Gmail emails and send them to your employees and clients at particular times.

This is the best tool for you especially if you are working abroad because your time zone might not be the same with that of your customers and employees. Therefore, to avoid any inconveniences in communication, make use of Boomerang.


To successfully run your small business while working remotely, you need Join.me. Join.me is a screen-sharing and virtual meeting tool that allows you to interact with your employees regardless of the place that you are.

It is an intuitive tool that does not require any subscriptions or downloads from both you and your employees. Therefore, make use of Join.me to enjoy free instant screen sharing and video conferencing services with no hidden charges.


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Skype is a famous tool in the world today. It is an excellent tool that will enable you to stay close to your employees by giving you the best platform to communicate by:

  • Messaging
  • Calling
  • Video chat

With Skype, you will be able to get in touch with your employees no matter where you are in the world at an affordable cost since it does not charge the commonly high international rates.


PayPal is an essential tool especially when you are working abroad. It is a tool that will save you from the agony of dealing with corrupt banks, high exchange rates, and the various mailing adjustment issues.

Use PayPal and be sure to send your money wherever you need it to go without any difficulties or complications. Furthermore, you can get a PayPal MasterCard linked to your account so as to make the process of purchasing goods easy.


WhatsApp is a brilliant tool that works well with any smartphone. It offers free messaging all around the globe. Therefore, to connect with your employees, you can initiate a group chat where you can share any vital information concerning the progress of the business.

Furthermore, WhatsApp is currently providing a free and international calling feature for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry 10, and all Windows Phone devices.

Time Trade

Time trade is a tool that allows your employees and clients to see your availability and synchronizations using a Google Calendar. Therefore, this tool is very appropriate for you especially if you are often unavailable hence making it easy organize meetings with your employees and clients regardless of your sporadic availability.

Running a small business while working remotely could be one of your dream investments that you intend to venture t one stage of your life. Therefore, be sure to realize success and a high Return On Investment (ROI) if you make proper use of all the above tools in all your small business dealings.

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