Strategies to Keep Your eCommerce Website Updated

7 min readMar 22, 2022

You’ve built an eCommerce website, it’s doing great, but you’re not able to kick things up a notch. So, how do you do that? By keeping your website updated.

Website updates are a great way to refresh the content, creatives, and product information on any eCommerce store. Check out our latest blog to learn the best strategies to keep your online store updated.

Highlight and focus on your best deals

When you offer discounts and promotions to your customers, ensure that you’re running profitable campaigns.

Campaigns are business tactic that involves strategic strategies (like discounts) to grow your business and acquire more customers.

#1 Test new discount tactics

Updating your discounts keeps your sales fresh for potential new customers. Also, they are a great way to reduce shopping cart abandonment.

A discount like redeeming a code motivates new customers to buy from you, thus increasing the overall conversion rate.

Testing different discounts strategies will help you understand customer and their needs.

i) Put Sales Prices on Products Manually

You might’ve seen several products with prices struck out and a discounted one mentioned on the side.

Such prices often tempt people to buy from a store, creating FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

So why not leverage it to your advantage as well?

With Bookmark, you can set sales prices manually for any product you want.

Setting a sales price for a product overrides the costs, strikes it out, and displays it like the image below.

FOMO is experienced by 69% of Millenials.

Let’s do some math now!

69% of 72.26 million = ~50 million.

That means 50 million Millennials experience a fear of missing out.

With a sales price strategy, you can target each one of these millennials and sky-rocket your sales!

Here are the reasons why you might consider offering a sales discount to your customers:

You need to have a sales page with a flawless design. We’d recommend trying our website designer to do so.

ii) Offer Discount Coupons

Discount coupons allow you to offer a sale of be whatever amount you set it to be.

It can be a percentage (10% off), a fixed price ($15 off), free shipping, etc.

When offering such discounts, you can mention:

  • The number of times the discount code can be used
  • Customers who can use the discount code
  • The minimum amount a customer needs to spend to use the discount code (as seen in the example above)
  • Products and categories the discount can be redeemed on

iii) Automatic Discounts

Automatic discounts are the ones that you can offer depending on what a customer spends on your store.

Let’s take an example to understand it better:

Suppose you have a men’s apparel store. You want to set an automatic discount for the store. You can do it in two ways — Set a percentage discount or set a deal as an absolute value.

When you set it as a percentage, the person will get X% of his bill off. So if you select 5% as an automatic discount, and a customer spends $100, he will get $5 off.

The other one is a total discount. Here all you have to do is set the amount. If you set it to $10, no matter if the customer spends $100 or $200, he will get $10 off on his final bill.

Pro Tip: It’s better to set a minimum spending threshold when offering automatic discounts.

Automatic discounts are set on the final bill of a customer; this helps increase the average customer spend of your store.

#2. Create a promotional pop-up

Pop-ups aren’t just for email collection. When used correctly, you can achieve various goals with them (like highlighting sales, showing off company updates, promoting a blog, and so much more).

A promotional pop-up is like advertising your store’s product at a particular spot and time.

These are targeted messages to offer some customers special discounts, coupons, or incentives to increase engagement.

Bookmark’s AI-powered website builder is the best in the business to create a promotional pop-up like the one below in minutes.

#3. Have sales occasionally

Launching sales campaigns is an old-school yet effective website update that can help grow your business.

The most common sales which you can try on your website are:

Here are the reasons why you might consider offering a sales discount to your customers:

Update your site layout (on mobile too)

One website update that you just can’t ignore is website layout and design testing.

Layout and design changes can be as small as tweaking the text inside your CTA to as big as testing another colour scheme.

But one thing you should do when updating site layout is change website graphics. It’s a great idea to keep your website fresh and updated.

When we talk about site layout, it’s not just limited to the desktop. Mobile responsiveness is one of the most critical factors to get more sales.

Site speed is everything, especially during checkout

When it comes to the checkout process, speed becomes even more critical.

The study revealed that 30% of shoppers would abandon their carts if asked to re-enter their credit card details during checkout.

The checkout process should be systematic and easy. Use the template below to build your store’s checkout process.

Here’s how you can optimize your checkout process with Bookmark:

  • Leverage Discounts: Offer discount discussed earlier during the checkout process to get loyal customers
  • Wholesale Pricing Group: Offer exclusive wholesale rates to customers who buy in bulk
  • Retarget Abandoners: Email people who abandon their carts during the checkout process to get more sales

Refresh and update your content

Updating content is crucial for those of you who leverage SEO as their go-to strategy to get traffic.

Here are the two reasons why updating your content is a must:

  • Overthrowing Competition: When you keep updating your old content, and your competition doesn’t, you might eventually land above them on the search engine result page (SERP)
  • Adding New Information: No matter what the content topic is (for example, a blog article), some new information about it will come to light sometime. By adding that to your website, you’re giving your readers fresh insights, and that’s something the SERPs appreciate.

Things to do when updating your content:

Show off your customer reviews

This means that customer reviews are the most crucial buying factor for eCommerce.

There are millions of stores online; staying ahead of your competitors in such fierce competition isn’t an easy thing.

Customer reviews help you build trust, aid customers’ decision-making, and boost your website’s SEO.

Here are some of the best practices to follow to get great reviews for your website:

  • Don’t hesitate to ask for a review after a customer buys and uses the product.
  • Make it easy for customers to leave a review.
  • Motivate customers to leave a review by incentivizing them
  • Engage in customer feedback to show them you care

Bonus Point — Use product descriptions

If you don’t have great product descriptions on your website, it’s time to change that.

When writing product descriptions, don’t just put strings of words together and write about the product’s features. It should tell the readers:

While writing product descriptions, keep these things in mind:

  • Write unique product descriptions, don’t copy
  • Make it scannable — leave white spaces
  • Keep your ideal buyers in mind when writing product descriptions
  • Optimize product descriptions for search engines
  • Tell a story to keep the readers hooked
  • Split test variations to see what’s working and what’s not

Mastering the art of writing product descriptions takes time and creativity, but when done right, it will attract a lot of visitors and turn them into buyers eventually.

Key Takeaways

Following the above tips for website updates isn’t a tough nut to crack, but doing it right is. To do it right, you should have a jaw-dropping eCommerce website design.

Here’s where Bookmark comes in handy.

From website building to marketing to security, Bookmark has got everything covered!

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