Offer More to Your Customers with Bookings and Reservations

There are so many industries and business types out there that need an online booking solution on their website. For example, restaurants, concert halls, consultants… The list is endless! Managing appointments over the phone is beyond irritating. Let’s face it, if you don’t have an online booking tool for your business, then you are not reaching your maximum amount of potential customers.

Having an option directly on your website for customers to add, manage, and reschedule their bookings will make them happy, and you will be happy with a fully booked calendar.

An online booking system gives you a leg up on the competition in so many ways… So, that is precisely what we’ll be breaking down today.

Why offer more bookings & reservations?

Most businesses need to book appointments, events and reservations at some point even if not on a regular basis. Integrated forms and tools will ensure that this is a seamless experience for you, as the business owner, and your customers or attendees. Studies have shown that more than 63% of customers prefer to remain on your website to read reviews, learn about your business and book online.

At the end of the day, we are in the business of making customers happy regardless of what niche we are in. Offering the ability to book anytime, from anywhere at your customer’s convenience is vital to growing your business.

As the digital world grows and evolves, this desire for self-service online scheduling will continue to heighten. Many businesses find themselves wanting to ensure they have the right online tool that’ll keep their customers at bay. Essentially there are two ways you can achieve this. Most websites have a unique link to an external site, or they opt to integrate a scheduling program that plugs directly into their own website.

Let’s be real, convenience sells. Customers in 2022 are looking for easy and simple solutions. If you’re a business that needs to integrate an online booking solution, you shouldn’t make things hard for your customer. Phone calling is a thing of the past, and giant companies like Amazon have made ease of access to services the norm. It’s sometimes tough to compete with this as a small business, but not anymore. Let’s learn about how you can offer the same convenience with your own website.

How can you offer more bookings & reservations?

It’s time to level up your business.

You can easily offer your customers online booking solutions with the Appointments Module, Our Reservations Module, and our Events Module.

The process of adding and managing these bookings is pretty similar for all 3 of these modules, with slight differences surrounding the booking type.

These modules are super straightforward and allow any user to schedule, track, manage, add, and delete their customers’ bookings.

To access this, go to your website builder section of your web builder and open the Modules tab.

Next, you’re going to drag and drop either the Event Registration, Reservation or Appointment module onto your page and where a black guideline appears.

Once the booking module has been added to your website, you will have the ability to ‘Select Existing Booking’ to add to the page, or ‘Create New Booking.’

Then you can easily click the option to select an existing booking. From there, a dropdown will open with a list of bookings that you can choose from. You’ll also have the opportunity to create a new booking. Once clicked, a settings page will open where you will need to fill in the necessary fields.

Once you are done, click Save Settings. Then Save and Publish your site in the builder, and you will be able to start accepting customer bookings on your live website. It really is that simple!

Key takeaways…

Giving your website visitors the option of booking reservations, appointments, or events directly on your website is super important for many businesses out there. If there’s one thing potential customers love, it’s convenient and simple solutions.

Make no mistake, don’t underestimate the power and importance of integrating online booking solutions on your website. From restaurant reservations to music concerts, there are so many industries that need this tool. Nowadays, adding these options to your website is easy as ever. And you can find all of the things you need to provide booking capabilities directly with your website.

Originally published at on February 15, 2022.



Spend time running your business, not your website. Our Ai powered website builder can get your business online in a few minutes.

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Spend time running your business, not your website. Our Ai powered website builder can get your business online in a few minutes.