How To Inspire And Motivate Your Team To Think Big

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Great leaders know that teaching and training their teams is one of the ways to achieve success. Whether you are running a multi-level marketing business or selling web designing services, you need to focus not only on your own goals, but also on the development of your team members.

Seasoned business owners know how to inspire and motivate their team to ensure they think big and break out of the practices that make it difficult for them to achieve their goals. However, newer ones do not have any idea how to do this and only learn from experience.

One of the biggest mistakes they make is to sit back and hope that everything will fall in place.

However, as you will find out, you are the manager of your team and are responsible for what they achieve.

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Training your team has a lot of benefits, including the following:

  • They will learn to work with minimal supervision, making your work easier
  • They will understand the company’s objectives and work towards achieving them
  • They will come up with their own new ideas that help you to grow the business even further, and
  • They will learn how to network with the right people, thus contributing to the growth of the company.

So how do you inspire and motivate your team so that they start thinking big? It is simple: you only need to change the way they think and their approach to business.

Motivation is an important part of the process because it keeps their spirits high and makes them want to succeed even more. Here are some ways to do this.

Lead by example

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Your leadership as well as habits will always rub off on the team. When you ask them to think big, you should also be coming up with big ideas. Let them know that you are focused on the highest bar.

If you are the kind of leader who disappears for too many hours over lunch, you can be sure that the team will follow suit. At the end of the day, everybody will be thinking of disappearing for their luxury and very little work, if any, will be accomplished. Let them learn directly from your actions.

Be accessible

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The days when a mean boss would be sitting in a corner in the office for the entire day while being barely accessible are long gone.

Let your team know that they can come to you any time with their suggestions, problems, ideas, or even some opinions about the business.

Let them also know that you will hear them out and act on their concerns.

This is a perfect way to build a hardworking and thinking team. From such suggestions, and by engaging your team based on their own suggestions, you will find the perfect chance to shape their thinking and make them focus on the bigger goals.

Avoid micromanaging

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If you are the kind of team leader who is always looking over the shoulders of your juniors and monitoring every little thing they do while bossing over them, you might be the reason why you have a team that lacks inspiration.

The best leaders will step back and allow their members to do their job. You recruited the right people so you can trust them with the work assigned to them.

At the end of the day, you can all come together and discuss the progress made by each team member, and you can use this chance to correct where they might have done less than you expected.

By allowing them to work independently, you give them a chance to think beyond their limits and deliver greater results.

It also will be much easier to train your team and help them to think bigger if you show respect and understand what they need. Even with fancy gifts and other reward system, your team will perform better when they know that they have the respect of their leader. Take time to know them personally and find out what they expect from being part of the team.

With a strong team who knows how to think big, you can rest assured that your web designing (or other) services will succeed as planned.

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Originally published at on September 27, 2016.

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