How To Be A Successful Solopreneur: 6 Solid Tips From Experts

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Are you a writer who’s looking to monetize a tricky platform, an individual who has an idea for a good startup, a designer out to sell his website templates, or someone who is toying with the idea of quitting a corporate job to become a solopreneur?

Thousands of people choose to venture out and start their own business; however it should be noted that while solopreneurs may have the freedom that comes from doing their own work, they often carry heavy loads because all business responsibilities lie on their shoulders alone.

Whatever your situation, virtually every successful solopreneur managed to climb the business ladder by employing a number of proven strategies that if implemented, could go a long way in building your brand. Here are some of the best tips to be a successful solopreneur today.

1. Have a clear, definite vision

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Your business shouldn’t exist for the sole reason of making money. It should serve a purpose and offer value to your audience. Reflect on the following and make sure you know the answers to these questions already before hanging up your shingle:

  • Why your business exists or should exist
  • What purpose it should serve
  • What you intend to offer your target market, and
  • What your vision is for carrying out all the above.

Also, it shouldn’t only be clear to you; the vision should be clear enough for you to share it with the world, because ultimately, in the end, you will need help to accomplish these objectives.

2. Have solid goals

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As the sole owner of your business, there is a possibility that you could get overwhelmed by all the minor responsibilities that come with running a business.

For this reason, it helps to keep your eye firmly fixed on the bigger picture, or the ultimate goal; that way you don’t get anxious about the usual fluctuations in sales and productivity that characterize business startups.

Productivity will slump when the owner lacks a clear sense of direction for the business. To prevent this, take time to outline a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual set of goals and don’t deviate from them.

3. Allow some flexibility

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Not to take away the point about goals, but it should be noted that even the best plans sometimes need altering, particularly in a rapidly evolving business environment.

For example, if your marketing plan involves an outdated principle or method, it would be counterproductive to stick to an older marketing approach when all indications suggest a new model is more effective.

Do you hate taking photos? Well, your audiences may appreciate some cool behind-the-scenes photos and videos of you and your workers; and marketers insist on personalizing media content for marketing purposes.

Whatever the case may be, just be prepared to roll with it, and don’t hesitate to implement new methods when you have sufficient evidence that they work.

4. Collaborate with other solopreneurs

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Do you feel daunted by the whole prospect of doing everything alone?

Remember there are many other solopreneurs just like you out there, and you can join their communities on blogs, group Pinterest boards, and even Facebook.

Even better, you may be able to find them locally and meet up for coffee!

As a solopreneur, the fear of the unknown can have a profound impact on your ability to run the business and manage risk. By collaborating, you can encourage growth, support, and exchange ideas that facilitate progress.

5. Set up automated systems

As a sole owner, chances are you can’t handle every aspect of operation, so the best thing to do is create an automated system that runs itself and increases productivity. You can find a ton of tools online on these types of systems for use with social media, invoice, templates, newsletters, etc.

Automating things will allow you more time to invest in your areas of strength, thus giving your business a strategic approach.

6. Learn as you go

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Nobody starts out as an expert. Allow yourself time to grow by noting common mistakes and learning new ways to implement positive change.

You can listen to podcasts, read blogs, and meet with successful solopreneurs to learn more about ways to improve yourself to maximize growth — both for you and the business.

This is particularly important when you find yourself constantly preoccupied with the day-to-day running of the business, or when sales pick up right off the bat.

Remember, you need to slow down and analyze the way business is going, and more importantly, compare notes with more experienced and successful solopreneurs so as to avoid common pitfalls.

This should help minimize the pressure that comes from wanting to make the right decision every single time.

No matter what you do or want to do — from selling your services as a writer or creating website templates to see to businesses — being a solopreneur isn’t an easy path to follow. With these tips, at least, you will have an idea of the things you need to do and the plans you need to implement in order to make a success out of your solo undertaking.

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Originally published at on November 14, 2016.

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