Get to Know the Major Security Risks SMBs Face

Social Network Security Risks

What Are my SMB Security Needs?

People Are Your Biggest Security Threats

Hackers Target Low Hanging Fruit

Types of Cyber Attacks

Cybersecurity Measures You Can Take Now

  • Make a firm bring-your-own-device-policy where employees are not allowed to access business data on their phones or personal devices outside of their primary work device
  • If they work primarily on their personal device (laptop), make sure they secure the device
  • Back up all your devices on a consistent schedule
  • Have encryption on all mobile devices
  • Employees must include a remote wipe feature in case their personal device is lost
  • Ask about their latest security updates, policies, and procedures
  • Ask how frequently they back up their data on hard drives
  • Ask how frequently they perform system checks and sweeps
  • Ask about their data security employee training program
  • Turn on automatic updates for PC or Mac
  • Use browsers that continually receive security updates when going online such as Chrome
  • Turn on security extensions like Blur or Sneekr for an added layer of security
  • Ask for a monthly report from your IT provider to scan for any suspicious activity
  • In SSH sessions, when communicating at the shell, data is encrypted between the client and server
  • In SSL sessions, data is encrypted between the client browser and the web server before any data is transferred

How to Recover From a Cyber Attack

  • When was the breach noticed?
  • Which services, systems, etc. have been affected?
  • What type of attack is it?
  • Who committed the attack and do they have an agenda? (external or internal?)
  • Who or what is the target of the attack?
  • Isolate the damage

How to Identify a Cyber Threat

  • Unusual login times
  • Slower speeds across networks
  • New devices on networks
  • New users with admin privileges
  • Errors in applications
  • Errors or unusual entries in system event logs
  • Workstations with unusually high traffic





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Spend time running your business, not your website. Our Ai powered website builder can get your business online in a few minutes.

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