Elements To Include When Creating A Wedding Website

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Are you thinking of creating a wedding website? Do you know what it takes to create a site that will attract the attention of everyone you want to target?

To succeed, you need to make it a responsive website to capture the mobile users. You also need to define your target market well. Generally, it should have the following attributes.

  1. It should have clear information about the type of wedding as well as the people expected to attend.
  2. It should have enough details so that the guests will know what to expect.
  3. It should bring out the best out of the wedding because, after all, it is the most important day in the lives of the people who wish to get married.

To be sure of the best results, avoid the common web design mistakes that people make when creating these websites. Here are some of the elements that you should really include.

Maps, photos, and videos of the venue

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Even if most guests already know where the wedding will take place, it is good to include this information on the website. New people are sometimes added to the guest list and they will be looking for such information.

This is crucial if you are thinking of inviting more guests who may not be local. The map will save you the tiresome process of making phone calls to hundreds of people just to tell them where the event will be held.

Photos and videos are important because they help everyone to know exactly how the venue will look like. They will get a glimpse of the theme, know the type of wedding, and understand just how much space will be available.

Instead of guests asking you how the venue looks like, they can simply refer to the wedding website and find all that they need to know. In addition, the videos can be used to give further information about the directions especially when the maps are quite difficult to follow.

The schedule, countdown, and playlist

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Sharing the schedule for the big day should be an important part of the wedding website. Create a special section where you can give a clear timeframe that shows how everything will happen.

This will help the guests know the exact time when the event will start and when it is likely to end. As a result, everyone that attends will have a clear plan of how they are going to spend the day.

As for the countdown, it just helps to keep people focused on the wedding. You should let everyone visiting the site know how many days are remaining. You might even want to use a wedding-related quote every day just to make it more appealing.

You should use this opportunity as well to create a playlist with the help of the guests. Remember that everyone has the kinds of music that they want to listen to.

Whether you will be hiring a live band or using a DJ, you should let the guests talk about the kinds of music that they like. You can then use their suggestions to come up with the perfect playlist.

A guestbook and RSVP

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Did you know that you can create and send online wedding invitations? With a good website, you do not even have to print cards anymore. This is a good thing for guests that are coming from afar.

You can even personalize the invitations because it is quite easy to do online. Similarly, you can create a special forum on the site that will act as a guestbook. You can let them know about the best hotels to book when they travel to witness the wedding.

In a nutshell, creating a wedding website is a process that is guided by the things that are unique to the wedding in question. You should not forget about other general factors such as making it a responsive website, creating an amazing design, and choosing a theme that is related to the wedding.

You can choose to use a free template or purchase one of the many that can be found both on and offline. You also should host the site with a reliable web hosting company. Bookmark, for example, gives away free website templates as well as free hosting.

With your help, the couple who are getting married will have a wedding website that they will treasure forever.

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Originally published at www.bookmark.com on June 30, 2016.

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