Bookmark Launches AIDA, The Future Of Website Creation

Have you always wanted to put up a website, but been intimidated by all the amount of work it seems to entail?

After all, you need to come up with a good domain name, find a platform, decide if you want paid or free hosting, design the pages, and think of what section to have. The list of all the things you need to know goes on and on before you can even begin to start making your website.

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It’s enough for you to just give up OR go the “easy” way and pay someone thousands of dollars to make your website for you.

Here’s some good news for you, folks: Bookmark Website Builder has just launched AIDA — the Artificial Intelligence Design Assistant that makes all the hard decisions for you when it comes to making your website.

Within minutes after signing up, you can have a new, fully-functioning website that you can easily customize.

“Aida will change the way many people approach website creation and design,” says David Kosmayer, CEO of “Whether you are a young entrepreneur looking to test out your idea or an offline business finally transitioning online, Aida allows you to be lean, flexible, and quick as she eliminates 90% of the pain points usually associated with website creation and design.”

Aida creates the first version of your website in under two minutes; afterwards, it will walk you through the process of editing content, images, and sections.

You can easily alter the style, font, and images, and there is a drag-and-drop capability that will allow you to add specific features that make sense for your business.

In less than one hour, you will have a spanking new website that looks professionally done, without having to hire a website designer that does essentially the same thing.

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An important thing to know is that the AI takes your industry into consideration before making the first version of your website.

A website for someone in the hospitality industry, for example, would be different from someone in the food business.

Kosmayer adds, however, that Aida would still need your input.

“Aida is still learning,” he says, “and as Bookmark grows, so will the AI’s creative power. This is just the starting point in the collaboration of the complex AI world and the human mind. Eventually we want Aida to assist you in discovering your inner creative genius. The Bookmark website builder will be your canvas and Aida will be your paintbrush.”

Aida is just the latest addition in Bookmark’s core features which include an e-commerce builder and e-learning courses. Bookmark’s aim is to come up with a platform that can help entrepreneurs like you have an online presence and be competitive in your specific industry.

Aida is now live with additional features expected to roll out soon. Watch the AI in action here:

Want to find out how easy it is to make a website with Aida? Try the AI website builder now!

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Originally published at on May 24, 2017.

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