A Simple Guide to Making Your First Marketing Video

Shooting a marketing video and embedding it in your responsive website is a great way of getting your message effectively to your target audience. However, if it’s your first time to do so, it can be a challenging task.

Basically, there are some things you must put into proper consideration when looking to make your first marketing video. You will never make an effective video if you don’t understand the reasons why you are doing it.

Here’s a simple guide if you are planning to make your first video for promotional purposes.

1. First, define your target audience and your goal in making a marketing video

Before you start writing the script, it’s very important to determine the audience you want to reach. For instance, if you are trying to attract new visitors, your focus should be on a video with a relevant message that will get them to want to visit your site again.

Knowing your target market is always the first step to take because it’s very vital to your success in the end. You should also define your goal in making the marketing video so that you will know how to go about it.

2. Make your marketing video interesting and enjoyable to watch

You have probably watched a boring marketing video that made you turn it off immediately. It’s therefore necessary to shoot a couple of trial videos to practice the script and possibly to get some confidence before taking the final shots.

Making your marketing message interesting and enjoyable will make a great difference to the way your audience perceives you and your brand.

3. Choose a good topic for the video

Pick a topic that has done quite well in another marketing content format and try to turn it into your promotional video. This means that you can re-purpose content that you have already created, such as a presentation or blog post, and then turn it into a one-page or two-page script for your video.

Try to practice reading your marketing message aloud to get a feel of the main ideas. As you read the content, look for sections that do not sound right and edit to make it perfect for video shooting. Make it sound more conversational and natural.

Additionally, record yourself reading the script using your smartphone or webcam or whatever recording device you already have. Keep in mind that most viewers will forgive the quality of production if you give great content.

4. Make sure your camera is steady

Having shaky marketing videos can ruin your message no matter how good it is. Most cameras come with image stabilizer; this is a very important feature to have in your camera before starting the shoot.

However, this isn’t the only thing that will make your camera steady. If you are planning to shoot several videos, consider buying a tripod to eliminate the shake. If you are not going to use your camera all the time, try to find something like stacks of books where you can place the camera.

5. Pay attention to lighting and sound

The perfect spot for shooting your marketing video should have enough light and should be quiet. You don’t need to buy expensive lighting systems to bring in more light. All you need is to move the speaker (subject) around the place until you find the perfect spot for best sound quality and exposure.

You can also use a large reflective material or piece of white paper to re-focus light. Putting an additional light source to provide more light into the room can also help.

When shooting a marketing video, background noise can be an issue. It’s therefore important to make sure the place where you are shooting your video in is away from any distraction.

Once you’re done, embed your marketing video on your responsive website, blog, or share the video link on social media. In this case, get some feedback from your audience and use your Google Analytics to find out what people found confusing and what they liked. You can then use your feedback and metrics to make your next videos better.

These tips will definitely get you started in making a great video for your marketing needs. Always keep in mind to have some fun while shooting. If you are not making your video interesting and enjoyable, it may not be liked by your target audience.

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Originally published at www.bookmark.com on June 23, 2016.

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