A Beginner’s Guide To Content Promotion

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The world of online content production and promotion is dynamic, especially more so in the era of tech-driven consumers. You need to create quality long-form articles, videos (HD), infographics, podcasts, and other similar materials in your website in order to reach your audience effectively.

With a good web design and quality content, you can remain competitive in the industry. It doesn’t stop there though, because content creation comes hand in hand with content promotion.

Here are some steps to take when strategizing your website’s content promotion campaign.

1. Identify all avenues available for content promotion

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There are two effective avenues you must integrate to realize success in any content promotion strategy: owned promotion avenues and paid avenues.

Owned promotion avenues are the channels that you own. You can easily customize every aspect of your content promotion campaign especially if you know your audience’s needs and preferences.

These avenues include your business blog or website, your social media platforms, your content, and of course, email subscriptions.

Paid avenues are forms of media that you as a business have to pay for your content to be displayed to their audience. These may include Google AdWords and sponsored social media content, e.g., in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

All paid avenues offer flexible and adaptable ways for any content promotion strategy. You can decide on total expenditure for the adverts, specify geographical location, and you can even set the time frame you expect the promotion to run.

2. Research ideas and identify those that may work for your business

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Never run any promotion without doing research on the specific niche you have ventured in. That is, you need to identify what your audience needs within a specific time frame.

It is also through research that you will know the changing trends in the industry.

For instance, it will be a mistake to write content without doing keyword research or having a list of LSI keywords. With the development of specific software, you can do your research easily and quickly.

All content marketing newbies or professionals require the following key tools:

  • Google AdWords Keyword Planner
  • Buzzsumo
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Trends
  • Social Crawlytics

With these tools, you will get the right keywords and know trending ideas in your niche. It is the best way to start your content marketing promotion. You need to identify all your competitors as it will help you during the planning stage.

3. Plan for the content promotion campaign

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Planning is a vital aspect of any promotion. Without a realistic and objective plan, all your efforts will be futile. Here are the key factors you need to consider in your plan:

  • Goals — every content marketing campaign should have unique goals and objectives. Of course, the goals should be measurable. This will help you when reviewing the performance of the marketing campaign.
  • Budget — how much are you willing to spend for the promotion? Do you have enough resources? In case you have to outsource, how much will it cost the business? Basically, the budgeting process should go hand in hand with the feasibility study/research.
  • Practicality and adaptability of the plan — content marketing is very dynamic. Therefore, you must have a plan that can accommodate any changes in the industry. For example, it will be futile to insist on sponsored social media posts (spending too much) if your business has more than enough followers who can easily be converted to quality leads.

Again, any strategy should easily be integrated with the existing plans and allow for adjustments in the future if necessary.

4. Start your promotion and review performance

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With all these in place, you need to have a time frame within which the promotion should run.

More importantly, you must have a specific time to start your promotions. The process must run as per your plans.

It is never obvious that your content promotion will be successful. Some strategies will yield results while others may not. For this reason, you must monitor the performance of your content marketing strategy.

As you can see, content promotion is a systematic process. A delay in execution may be costly to your marketing efforts.

It may seem tiresome from the start; however, with commitment and a good web design to hook in your potential customers, you will definitely realize success.

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Originally published at www.bookmark.com on October 4, 2016.

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