8 Money-Making Hobbies Transforming Small Businesses

It’s quite clear through the pandemic that many small businesses have started trending, leading to high demand. Most of these businesses started from hobbies that now the world cannot live without! Hobby by definition is simply a passion or activity done regularly in someone’s pastime.

Hobbies typically start from an idea, something that interests you and before you know it, it becomes a skill! Through this blog, we’ll go through the most impactful hobbies taking over small businesses in 2021!

What Makes a Hobby Worth Dollars?

Hobbies can transform into a new stream of income-yes, but it also shows us there are certain characteristics in us. That personality by nature is creative. Most creative people who take up hobbies want to go to the future, they want the next best idea and the next thing that’ll catch someone’s eye. With Bookmark, you don’t need any website coding or design skills to start selling your products and services with an awesome online store. We have everything you need to get started, all that’s missing is your amazing talent!

Web Design

Web design isn’t just putting nice pictures in the right place, it’s not whether to use Arial or Lora font, it’s a skill. Hobbies taken seriously blossom into skills, which create new streams of income. Now, having a website that is professionally designed ensures your site will give visitors a good first impression.

If you love making websites, our Design Agency Program is the ultimate solution to start making money building websites for your clients. We offer everything anyone needs! And we do mean anyone! We strive to turn your hobby into a money-making business by providing a clear concept for your targeted audience. Web design is one of the top twenty online businesses today and if your hobby happens to be building websites for people and small businesses, then you are in the right place .

Crafts & Jewelry

Crafts & jewelry show us the talents and gifts that literally come from our own hands. This type of business is in such high demand because so many people want to feel good again, especially through the past couple of unprecedented years we’ve had. Being able to take a material and create a bracelet for example opens you to the door of online businesses.

Making Next-Level “Dough”

Cooking opens up the door to social media even deeper. For example, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, and so many more apps. You’ll have the space to showcase recipes, cooking styles, and even creating your own spices and techniques. This business is not oversaturated ; through cooking, there are cooking books, cooking channels, cooking products that all turn this hobby into a new stream of income.

Health & Wellness

For all the health heads out there, this business is one of those hobbies that transform us from the inside before it touches those around us. While it’s important to stay healthy, this hobby benefits us in more than just having abs or being able to run longer than a minute.

Plenty of personal trainers started from wanting balance or control in their daily lives that now show others how they can as well. Through this business, there’s a whole room full of opportunities , like online yoga, breathing apps, CrossFit training, online Zumba to name a few. Just this past year we’ve seen an increase in digital training, either through YouTube channels, social media pages dedicated to healthy eating, watching water intake for example.

Become a Word Wizard

Professionally writing is one of the businesses that can take you literally anywhere. Most writers work under freelancing contracts and the best part is, there are thousands of writing jobs out there. There are technical writers, copywriters, content writers, poets, ghostwriters to name a few. All these types, though, show us that the world needs this hobby to represent a business, a spokesperson, even.

A great side of this hobby, is you don’t necessarily need schooling for this. Though schooling does help solidify your skill and how much of a salary you can make through it. Good writers with niche expertise are usually in demand.


Making a great tune is a lovely hobby that can convert into currency! Not every singer though, needs a larger platform. There has been an increase in Social media apps, offering singers the chance to sing comfortably in their homes, at work, in the bathroom-anywhere. Some of these apps would be TikTok, Voicey, Instagram Lives and so many more.

For years we’ve seen a process for most singers starting in their garage or at a local bar. However, this hobby opens up the door to online vocal training, teaching in high schools/middle schools, or becoming a music professor, and having a whole musical class that you lead.

For all our band-lovers, there’s a space for you too! Plenty of musicians started out fooling around with their high school buddies, but now more than ever people are looking to master playing the guitar for example. Musicians are able to move into having their own online sessions and their own record stores where they also show keys and tricks to playing effectively.

Advertising is imperative for this hobby to transform into a new stream of income.


This hobby, if we’re being honest is an expensive one and not everyone can take this hobby professionally. However, for the businesses that do, they provide a nostalgic aspect for their targeted audience that successfully flips old items into new cash. This hobby though is one of the only hobbies that could cost you more at the beginning than at the height of your career.

I remember years back, waiting for the summer to hit for the garage sale warriors! Every year in my home town, my street would have every other house selling things from the first ice stakes to the cutest salt & pepper shakers! It’s amazing to see how cherishable baseball cards can be, and then on the flip side how important a 1922 Ford model is now, in its original state.

This hobby masted right can turn your backyard deals into the newest show with a high turnover in profit. Becoming an antique finder for one or more shops is another way to turn your hobby into a new stream of income.

Things have been really crazy in the collectible world lately with things from the ‘80s-’90s, like video games or fashion. Recently, an unopened copy of Super Mario from 1985 sold for a record $2 million ! Of course, selling these online is just as profitable as having a physical store. This hobby allows you to even partner with several shops in your area and start selling for them online. This as well can be done through word of mouth and in turn have a dedicated social media page on Instagram or even a Pinterest account of all your collectibles.


Capturing the beauty of someone through a lens is in high demand as a hobby and a profession all across the board. Everyone from their babies to pets wants pictures of them. There are several ways to monetize photography. A number of major websites such as Flickr and Shutterstock provide photos to users across the web. Setting up an account for these sites and selling your shots is one quick way!

In Conclusion…

Hobbies have turned into money-making passions. People desire what others are great at… Why struggle to paint if you can buy a portrait, right? To speak plainly, Bookmark is the solution for all soon-to-be-small businesses.

Check out our if you want to make money selling websites, and design agency sign up today if you want to easily start selling your products and services.

Originally published at https://www.bookmark.com on August 24, 2021.

Spend time running your business, not your website. Our Ai powered website builder can get your business online in a few minutes. Bookmark.com.

Spend time running your business, not your website. Our Ai powered website builder can get your business online in a few minutes. Bookmark.com.