7 Game-Changing Ways to Transform Your Blogs

Many may ask what is the reason for blogging and of course, there are plenty. What we want to highlight today is the impact blogs have on small businesses and startups, and how they are used to help attract new customers!

Creating content is huge for building and growing an online presence. But it can be tough to set yourself apart from all the other blog noise out there. We will be going over seven popular ways you can bring your blogs to a whole new level. Keep reading to see how you can transform your blogs!

Create an outstanding outline

Outlines keep your blogs from you going all over the place. With each blog going to the next level, you want to execute your topic well. For example, if you were writing on how to make the best pancakes; this is a couple of things you’d want to jot down. You’d want to speak about the basics of making pancakes, then maybe adding more eggs for moist pancakes, possibly vanilla extract for more flavor, and so on. Now, without an outline on this, you may not know what’s more important, what’s trending in this topic, or what readers are looking to hear.

Research your competitors

Have the answers & solutions

Which leads me to the biggest point we could make-CTA’s! Call To Actions invite your audience into your space and allow them to participate rather than just reading a blog or a quick post for a couple of minutes. Taking the time to add CTA’s like we just did help you to see who’s reading your blogs. You will make an impact by asking personal questions and/or business questions as well. Let’s look at a couple of ways CTA’s help your blogs hit the next level for:


  • Have a clear topic and ties it all together with the CTA
  • Typically converts first-time readers to fans
  • Creates domino effect thus adding to the social presence


  • Goal is to convert first-time readers into customers
  • Urgers the reader to buy/purchase from the company
  • Creates partnerships

In both areas, CTA’s simply show you have the answer in more ways than one. You want your CTA’s to be engaging and fun! You want your CTA’s to also have your reader thinking and in turn, come to you for the solution!

Have solid titles/subtitles

Link only relevant + smart URL’s

not only show your research but also allow you to partner with other businesses on social levels as well!

A couple of do’s & don’ts when it comes to URLs:


  1. Put unrelated URLs that have your readers frustrated. You never want to put links that’ll have the reader think you’re all over the place or sending them to things that have nothing to do with your blog. Your blog is yours, yes, however, the links should be backing up your blog in a way that your audience will say what your read makes perfect sense. They want proof in the pudding!


  1. Have CTA’s in your links leading your readers back to you. This is where the revolving door starts. You want your blogs to bring your readers back to your website, your social media pages, your online store — back to you in any way you can!

Use graphics that are eye-catching

Graphics help with a couple of things with your blogs- but mostly they add visually to your topic. Feel your topic is a bit cringe-worthy? Grab a graphic that’ll have your readers laugh! Is your blog on some very sad or heartwarming? Have a graphic that speaks just that!

When putting your blog together, make sure to save your pictures with the main keyword phrase you use in your post. Not, I repeat NOT a description of what the image is. This is .

If you are doing a blog on healthcare and marketing, for example, “healthcare_marketing_strategy” would be good alt text to add to your graphics, rather than something like “smiling doctor”.

Finally, size it appropriately. The dimensions will depend on the formatting of your blog. Keep in mind, your graphics are there to enhance your blog, not take away from it.

Always remember SEO

Google and other search engines avoid sending searchers to outdated sites. When you constantly update your blog and post new content, Google’s algorithm recognizes that and sends searchers your way. Nearly 93% of all web traffic comes through search engines, so it’s crucial we have SEO implemented through our blogs.

In conclusion…

You want your blogs to stand out, in every way possible. Remember, you want to take what has already been said, and make it your own while providing new insights.

Originally published at https://www.bookmark.com on September 14, 2021.

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