5 Ways To Influence Your Customers in Leaving A Review Of Your Brand

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One important aspect of owning a business is selling your brand. You need to get your products and services in front of potential customers, and one way to do that is to let your past or existing customers spread the word about you.

For sure, some customers may like your website templates, or whatever products or services you’re offering, while others may not. You can’t change anyone’s minds, but you can help influence how they will review your brand.

Here are some ways you can use to help influence your customers into leaving you a review.

1. Understand how to use review sites

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In order to get your customers to review your products, you should help them to use review sites such as Amazon and Yelp, among others.

Customers may have a problem distinguishing between reviews. Keep in mind that the reviews can be very polarizing.

People are generally not compelled to write a review unless they really loved or really hated the experience. These may not be the fairest reviews, but customers still rely on them.

Today’s customers are very skeptical and nervous. Only around 4% of Americans think marketing agencies can be trusted. Half of customer surveys say that they don’t trust any of the major news networks.

You need to connect with people to prove that you can be trusted. People will believe reviews over what you say about your company.

2. Make it easy for customers to contact you

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Making it easy for customers to contact you is a must nowadays. There are several ways to do so; you can go the old fashioned way by buying ads in billboards or the yellow pages or you can go with the times and build your own website.

When you have a website, not only can you put more information there about your business, you can share your contact information, too. Your customers would love the convenience of not having to have to hunt you down.

There are several free services you can use to make a basic website, and Bookmark is one of them. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but you can use it to give your customers a way to find you.

3. Over-communicate

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Many customers leave negative reviews because they feel like they were ignored. A customer’s feelings determine where they will do business.

Stay in constant communication with a customer who is having problems. If they have a bad experience, they will likely go to public channels to complain about it.

Some people think that it is the only way to get the problem resolved. However, this can make your company look bad if you have too many bad reviews on your website or on other big websites.

Keep being honest as well. Develop an in-depth understanding of your customers’ needs and wants. Some people will take a negative review and use it to verify how authentic you are. They appreciate the perspective of strangers.

Be a present, dependable member of the community that you are serving. Use the word of mouth to spread your business. Join professional societies in your field as well. Give every member of the community the care that they deserve.

4. Display your work

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Use your website or Yelp or other ad services to display photos of your work (if applicable). Provide plenty of information, so your potential customers can find out about you.

Make some galleries or before and after pictures, too. You can create pages about your project highlights. You can even blog about what is going on with your company. If you win any awards, blog about it.

The more information your potential customers can find about you, the more they’ll trust you.

5. Keep improving

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No matter how many five-star reviews you get, keep trying to improve your company. You may have many years of good experiences, but one really negative one can change everything.

It can be hard to recover from one really negative experience, so keep striving to be the best in your field. Set high expectations for yourself and your business.

Also, keep meeting and exceeding those expectations. There is always something to improve on. Make your customers loyal and proud to have worked with you.

Bad customer service can really hurt your business and cost you a lot of money. You can be selling website templates, high-end accessories, or any product or service, but negative reviews will have an effect on your business.

By knowing how to influence your customers in leaving a good review, you are already winning.

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Originally published at www.bookmark.com on October 17, 2016.

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