5 Efficient Ways To Grow Your Small Business Team

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You might be running a small business now, but pretty soon, as your business grows, you will need to expand, too. You need to have a responsive website, a wider network, a larger office, and most importantly, you must build a stronger and bigger team.

When hiring, it’s very important to choose your team carefully. Your first team may be relatively small, but it’s very important. After all, the success of your small business depends largely on the quality of your team members.

In that regard, here are some best tips for growing a small business team.

1. Make sure your team fits your company’s culture

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If you have defined a certain way you want your small business to function, it’s important to make sure that your employees always adhere to that particular culture.

When growing your small business, the last thing you need is a troublesome employee who will eventually cost your business a lot of money.

During the application process, give your potential employees a short test to find out if they can identify and adapt with your company’s culture.

There are a number of factors you can consider when hiring for small business team, and fit is just one of them. Without this, your employees can grow bored and frustrated with the work, which can impact negatively on your business.

2. Hire your employees for specific needs

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If there is an increase in demand for your product, you will need to hire more people to take calls, complete orders, and even handle certain administrative tasks.

Additionally, if your products or services aren’t hitting the sales level you desire, your team should include a salesperson to help raise the numbers. This means that you must hire someone whom you really need and not just for the sake of expanding your small business.

You need to identify your specific needs to be able to comprehensively discuss the job specifications and details with the candidate. This process will create a productive environment, as your small business team would be able to understand their work objective, hence helping your business grow more efficiently.

3. Set clear objectives and goals

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Another way you can grow your small business team is to set weekly/monthly goals and objectives for your team to reach. When your team reaches its target, reward them generously.

This is important because it gives them the incentive to work harder and keep their satisfaction high. It could also harness future leaders among your team members.

You could measure the performance of your employees against key performance indicators for your business so that you can easily determine what needs more attention for them to achieve better results.

For instance, you can provide your team with any necessary resources available to keep the work routine fault-free, or devise a set of guidelines that your team can easily follow.

4. Motivate your small business team

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When you set targets and goals for your team, ensure that they are fulfilling to accomplish. For instance, you can organize a meeting with your employees and tell them to hit a certain number of sales and to be the best and most reliable sales team in your business location within the month.

This will help create a sense of excitement and agency among your team members as the goals and objectives they’re trying to achieve are clear and well defined, and also give a great sense of fulfillment.

As each team member achieves their goals and targets, it’s important to compensate the efforts and challenge they have exerted. A well-rewarded business team will continue to become a successful one.

5. Get your team invested in the success of your business

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The difference between an employer and an employee is that the employer cares for the growth of the business much more than the employee, who simply works for their monthly salary.

It’s therefore important to get your employees involved in the growth of your business so that they feel like they’re a part of your business rather than just working for you.

When making critical decisions, try to ask your employees’ opinions and insights. This way, they will feel ownership of the company and will be more encouraged to work extra harder for something that they have helped to grow and develop.

Getting your team invested in your business can help create job satisfaction, loyalty, and trust, thus leading to a successful and harmonious working environment.

When growing your small business team, you should use these tips. Remember, to succeed in business, you need more than a responsive website and funding. You need good team members, too.

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Originally published at www.bookmark.com on September 1, 2016.

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